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Love Kills

September 15, 2012

This should be so cheesy. I know it should. The Chromatics Kill For Love. All synthy and loaded with an early 80’s teenage neon vibe. I should hate it. It screams 1983 and Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl. Satin jackets, pegged pants and strip malls.

Instead it’s just completely beautiful. Fragile and wistful, full of the sort of heart-rending romance you could only truly understand when you were seventeen and driving through damp city streets at 2 a.m. Somehow it captures a feeling that many of us have so easily forgotten. Someone’s breaking your heart but it’s so exquisite. The ups and downs of love never feel quite so poignant than when you’re young and invulnerable, eh?

The sensibility that Nicholas Winding Refn so magically transfused into the film Drive, on the soundtrack to which the Chromatics appear alongside such similarly gorgeous music suited to that feel, like Desire’s sublime “Under Your Spell”.

Just heart-breakingly beautiful stuff.