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A Dark Debate Rises

August 5, 2012

Dark Knight Bane

I’m noticing a distinct love/hate reaction to The Dark Knight Rises. Having seen it twice now, to give myself a fair chance at absorbing and judging the film, I’m not terribly surprised. It is a flawed film, for sure, and expectations after the sublime experience that was The Dark Knight might have been impossibly high for the finale of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Certainly they were in my own mind. Thus, a feeling of mild letdown upon seeing it initially in the theatres was mediated slightly upon a subsequent, quieter viewing that allowed me to more easily enjoy the film for what it iwas.

Don’t mistake me. There are many issues with this film and, as happens at times in Nolan’s work, plot holes develop for the sake of cinematic drama. I understand that and, quite often, it’s worth it in the end. In TDKR, those holes might be a bit more glaring in light of a film less impactful and dramatic than folks had hoped for.

Allow me to present, via Comic Book Movie, two clashing opinions on the merits of the film. A fascinating debate that I urge you only to look at after you have seen the film for yourself and can filter these complaints/praises through your own opinions of the matter.

99 Reasons Why The Dark Knight Rises Sucked

Response To “99 Reasons Why TDKR Sucked”

I have to say, for my part, I fall somewhere in the middle with a far less passionate, emotional response to the thing. There is a lot to what the complainer is saying and many of his points are quite valid. However, it’s obvious his skills and eye as a movie reviewer are more, shall we say, pedestrian than others. It reads a bit like a fan rant at a geek club and not a considered academic review. The response, in turn, may be a bit defensive and unnecessarily harsh by someone making a point of looking down his nose at the “fanboy” complaints.

Either way, it’s a good example of the debate storm the film has generated. One side or the other, or stuck in the middle like me, it’s rather fascinating and enjoyable to see us so stirred up about a “comic book movie”.

We have come a long way, my four-color friends.


Trailer Madness

May 27, 2012

Some of the more bizarre and intriguing horror/sci-fi movie trailers I’ve seen recently. Whether all the films are real or not, or will ever see daylight, is anyone’s guess, but they all have a certain appeal to me.



Beyond the Black Rainbow


Doctor Who fans might recognize a familiar face in that one.

What If Willy Wonka Was An Underground Gene Pervert

November 8, 2011

warren ellis

Only Warren Ellis could come up with a concept like that. Willy Wonka. Underground. Gene Pervert. It reads like excellent music.

Same folks who did the Grant Morrison film, Talking With Gods, are working on an Ellis doc called Captured Ghosts.

I never expected his voice to sound like that. Thought it would be rather gravelly and rough.

Label as “must see” cinema.

Bat Porn

August 14, 2011

Is it just me or is the following video, Anne Hathaway’s stunt double in full, skin tight Catwoman uniform from The Dark Knight Rises shoot, the most erotic piece of spoilerish set video ever recorded?

Le Tornado Rouge

August 12, 2011

The inquiries about this story are becoming somewhat relentless so I present it to you here to make it a bit easier to find.

HOLLYWOOD – He was a trusted, valued member of the Justice League of America. He stood beside such awesome figures as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in that mythic panthoen of heroes and, with the use of his awesome ability to control devastatingly powerful wind funnels, helped save the world time after time. His beginnings were humble, however, and his is the story of a tortured soul, warring against terrible odds and bitter adversity to better himself and his adopted world, striving for nothing more or less than the simple humanity that we all take for granted. It is a grand tale, a sweeping epic, full of love, loss and heroism, tragedy and triumph and android angst gone wildfull article.

The Gates of Geek Heaven

July 23, 2011

avengers movie

I’m starting to feel like we are fast approaching a sort of Geek Singularity right now. The Peak of Geekness lies before our very eyes, ready to blossom in it’s sci-fi/superhero/fantasy fullness. There are many signs that this is the case but allow me to list a few from my own Inner Geek’s Perspective.

These past few weeks are a great example for me. We have seen:

Trailers for Dark Knight Rises, John Carter (a.k.a. Warlord of Mars), and, today, The Avengers, have appeared online as, seemingly, all of the adored heroes of my childhood are coming to life. The Avengers was my favorite comic as a kid. Of Burroughs’ creations, John Carter was the one I adored the most, thanks not only to the magnificent adventures but those gorgeous Frazetta covers. Batman, as realized by Christopher Nolan, is another dream come true.

It’s amazing what we have seen in recent years, really. A faithful adaptation of Watchmen. Sin City. The Marvel films, most of which are wonderful fun, have the right spirit in them. Folks are finally respecting creators’ visions when they adapt material. Hell, there was even an attempt at another comics favorite of mine, Green Lantern, however middling it ended up. Another Superman is on the horizon, as well as Sin City 2 and a host of other fascinating projects.

I’ve always said that, if I could go back to 1977 and bring forward in time that little boy and show him what’s happening now he fucking die on the spot of some sort of astonished overload of shocked pleasure. Laid out on the floor with an ear to ear smile in front a 46″ HD TV showing the Iron Man Blu-ray, an iPad full of sci-books and comics in one hand and a PS3 controller in the other.

It goes on, to the fantastical realms. Game of Thrones has shown us just how adult and edgy great Fantasy can be. If you like it a bit sappier, the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions are now on Blu-ray and you won’t believe how fucking good they look, my friends. I have in hand the latest tome from George R.R. Martin, I should mention, as well. A Dance With Dragons clocks in at about 1000 pages and I can’t wait to devour it. Joe Abercrombie looks interesting and Richard Morgan owes us the sequel to Steel Remains.

In television, Doctor Who is going as strong as ever. In sci-filiterature, Iain Banks, Alastair Reynolds and Neal Asher continue producing the hard space opera of my dreams. In comics, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis are regularly taking superheroes where they have never gone before.

It’s a veritable bounty of Geek Goodness. I’m wallowing in Geek Gluttony.

It’s almost too much. Almost.

I can’t tell you how much I am going to enjoy it all. The truth is, I’ve never quite grown up. Those of you who know me know that I have no need for an “inner child” as the child remains very much on the surface with me. I Like to have a good time and my imagination, thankfully, has never died and festered like some folks my age. It burns still, open to new and different magic, like that wide eyed kid who stood in line for Star Wars in 1977 and had his world forever changed as his eyes were opened wide to strange new ones. Just like that kid devouring all those Marvel Comics in their four-color, newsprint splendour back then. Just like that kid reading Dune for the first time.

Here I sit, all these years later, still hungry for more.

Bring it on, I say.

The Art of the Trailer

June 22, 2011

girl with the dragon tattoo trailer

I paid ten buck to see X-Men First Class tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great film. However, I would have felt my money well spent before the opening credits after seeing the trailer for David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Pulse pounding, mesmerizing, astonishinly good. Featuring an incredible cover of my favorite Zeppelin tune, Immigrant Song, done by Trent Reznor and Karen O. It draws you toward the screen more than the powerful hands of Magneto over could.

Do yourself a favor and go experience both in a darkened theatre. If you can’t, turn off all your lights, put on some headphones with the volume cranked up and watch it here. It’s worth a goddamned look, believe me.

There is an art to the Trailer. Some folks are very good at it. Sometimes, often, a well done trailer might be even better than the film it’s selling. I’m thinking that might be the case with Green Lantern. It was almost the case with Watchmen, which featured, up to now, the greatest trailer I’d ever seen.

Fucking blown out of the water tonight, folks.

Cerebus 3D

May 15, 2011

cerebus 3d

Here’s an ambitious project. I was surprised recently to find out, via twitter, that these boys were still in business and quite impressed by the sheer bloody-mindedness that is driving their production. The market for a 3D animated Cerebus film be utterly non-existent by the standards of even the smallest of independent films. No, this seems to be a genuine labour of love by one Oliver Simonsen, quite obviously as dedicated a Cerebus fan as might exist. I fully admit, after seeing their beginnings a while back, I doubted they would be able to sustain the effort but I was completely, and now quite happily, wrong as hell.

Those of you who know me, know of my own admiration of Dave Sim’s masterwork, itself a testiment to sheer bloody-mindedness. A 300 issue epic that took nearly three decades to produce, the entirety of it written by Sim and illustrated by he and his longtime artistic partner Gerhard, who produced some of the most amazingly detailed pen and ink backgrounds that the world of comics art has ever seen.

You have to admire Simonsen’s talent and effort, as witnessed in the teaser below.

Is that not a bit drool-worthy for an old school Cerebus fan? He’s got the expressions down. The voice of Elrod, the animation of Lord Julius. Obviously they remember Sim’s contention that Cerebus’ voice would sound like George C. Scott, as well. It’s just great fun to see that all come to life.

He’s come this far, so it’s likely he’ll see this through and I, for one, cannot wait to see the final results. Any of you interested, be sure to let Oliver know that his work is appreciated. Keep it up, sir.

More info here and here.

Also online these days is CerebusTV, a streaming broadcast about all things Aardvark, which lists Sim himself as an executive producer. New episodes, of which there are now 50 or so, are featured each Friday at 10 pm.

Tell Me You Don’t Want To See This

April 5, 2011

hobo with a shotgun

Rutger Hauer in Hobo With A Shotgun.

A homeless man with an edge moves into a crime ridden town and decides someone needs to clean up the streets the only way that someone knows how.

With Pump Action.

Early running for Movie of the Year based simply on the Concept, Title and that it’s A Fucking Hobo With A Shotgun.

Oscars: Null and Void

January 22, 2009

I admit, I don’t often pay much attention to The Academy Awards, anyway, but this year, as they have failed to recognize The Dark Knight as one of the best films of the year, and Christopher Nolan as one of the best directors, they have finally and officially invalidated themselves as a legitimate institution. At last, any nagging desire to tune into the broadcast, even to tie up some loose ends in various Celebrity Death Pools I’m in, will be completely dead and buried. I’m not even going to watch to see if Wolverine might go into berserker mode while hosting and do a snikt! on Frank Langella’s ass.

I don’t even care who else was nominated, folks. I don’t want to hear it. Benjamin Buttplug? Shove it up there sideways. Scumbag Millionaire? It’s the feel good fucktard of the year. Do I really want to see Kate Winslet soil herself on national television? Maybe but it’s still not worth giving even five minutes of my time to this farce.

Let’s be honest, the Oscars have been irrelevant for a long, long time, ignoring any film outside a genre or subject matter they consider acceptable, failing to recognize anything that might seem remotely dangerous or politically incorrect, focusing on dreary costume epics and feel good films and the odd indie with just the right amound of industry buzz.

Now, by failing to properly reward the most effective and stunning pieces of filmmaking the art has seen in decades, they have officially made the entire proceedings pointless, boring and lacking even the smallest shred of credibility.

Join me, if you will, in failing utterly, from this point on, to pay attention to anything associated with the event, it’s results or the broadcast thereof. And if anyone wants to disagree with your stance or gets annoyed with your miltant disgust, just give them your best crooked, maniacal stare and ask them one question.

“Why so serious?”