About Ken

Ken Socrates is a journalist and writer of international renown. In the mid-eighties, he founded the Ken Socrates World News Organization, which has grown into a towering multi-media news behemoth that never sleeps, relentlessly scouring Planet Earth for The Story. He lives for only one thing. The Truth. And his vow to bring it you, the loyal, deserving reader every day until his last breath escapes him. Which is actually two things, I know. But those two things really are the one thing he lives for.

A short biography of him can be found here.

A more in depth, often lurid, article about his turbulent love life can be found here.

And his ongoing part in The Story of Rock and Roll is documented here.

He can also be found in residence here, writing about the one love of his life that has never abandoned him: Hockey.

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