Under Western Skies


I realize I haven’t posted anything here about my trip to the American National Parks out west this summer. It was a glorious, dreamlike journey through the Badlands, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Exploring, hiking, camping. Eyes wide before beautiful vistas, plains and forests, mountains to make you weep just to gaze upon them.

At some point I’ll need to upload a more expansive photo selection and maybe even a word or two from the journal I kept (until general exhaustion stopped the entries entirely). Suffice to say it was an incredible experience. For someone born and raised in and around the murky green sea waters of Boston, it was truly a mind expanding trip. The country opens up out there in ways I never expected. The sky seems so huge above a landscape that seems to stretch into infinity.

Above, please find my favorite photograph from the trip. Below, a brief, musically enhanced summary of the journey.


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One Response to “Under Western Skies”

  1. OzzyMcGurt Says:

    And some people wonder why I live where I do. As the pioneers of yesteryear said, I like a place where a man can hear himself think. The big cities serve their purpose, but a man my size needs some room, and room is what we have out here. Glad you had the chance to enjoy some of it my friend. That’s about as sappy as I’m gonna get. Now I have to go harass some wildlife.

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