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Courtney Stoker: The Face of a Sad New Feminism

July 18, 2012

Anyone remember when being an activist meant actually being active? Going out and doing something important and relevant for a cause? Not sitting at home behind a keyboard, harrassing celebrities on Twitter over innocent remarks, hoping for 15 minutes of social media fame that you can blog about for the rest of your life?

courtney stoker

Meet Courtney Stoker. The self-described “immoral” sci-fi feminist overlord of an imaginary but soaringly righteous Police State of hard line, blog-serious Twitter watchdogs.

Be careful what you say, Celebri-tweeters! Courtney is ever vigilant and, should you misspeak in any way contrary to her dogmatic views on women who dress up as Princess Leia well, then, you’re going to hear about it!

Take poor Simon Pegg. Gentle, beloved, funny-as-shit Simon Pegg. Makes an innocuous, simply true comment on Twitter in reference to the San Diego Comic-Con about the visually alluring nature of seductively dressed Cosplay women and, boom, Mount Courtney explodes, ready to cover the internet in dark, obscuring volcanic femin-ash. The rage spews forth. Apologies are demanded. The horror! Read the whole exchange if you care to.

There’s no need, of course, if you’d rather deal in simple truth.

One: Simon Pegg is no enemy to feminism, in any way shape or form, and the misguided way this particular militant is attacking him suggests only her own inexperience and lack of focus on the agenda. Any serious activist will tell you. Don’t waste time engaging a possible friend when there are real enemies to fight. Her attack is utterly pointless.

Two: Cosplay girls are sometimes hot. They know it. We know it. Many of them at SDCC deliberately dress in that seductive manner to attract exactly the kind of male attention and publicity they know they will receive at such an event. That’s the truth. Courtney’s issue may be with these women, when you think of it. Not the men with the natural instinct to look at them.

And you know what, fuck it, it’s okay to be male and recognize beauty. Am I objectifying the human body when I marvel at a beautiful Renaissance nude, male or female? Then why am I doing so when admiring the living, breathing real thing? Lighten up, Stoker.

Three: Bottom line, Courney wants publicity. The thrill of showing the world her little Twitter interaction with a celebrity. Imagine how her heart was pounding last night when he replied to her! How her stomach fluttered when he actually responded! Which was his only mistake, by the way. Had he ignored her, he would have denied her the starfucking moment she so desperately desired. That she rushed so quickly to Storify to crow about. “Look! Look! A famous person spoke to me on Twitter! I’m somebody now!”

Sad truth: Real feminism is a cause that deserves better representation than a bumbling amateur like this. A person who says things like, “OMG, that is gross…” It needs real people with real courage and genuine intellect and the willingness to get off their ass and actually fight in a real, tangible way. Not a wee puppy dog barking at passing cars for no reason. A bird in an unlocked cage, tweeting at nothing.

One word for you, Courtney: BORING!