Inbox: Warren Ellis


warren ellis

If you’re like me, you enjoy a daily dose of Warren Ellis. Beyond the prolific writings that you will find in various comic books and, now, novels, he maintains a pretty intense presence on the more ethereal methods of communication, be it his site, his tumblr notebook, twitter. Even does a podcast, Spektermodule. He’s on instagram and This Is My Jam. It’s fucking endless. Where he finds the time and energy for it all, along with regular visits from Doctor Whiskey, is beyond me.

Well, now, to make it easier for those of us of a slightly lazier bent, Warren will come right to your inbox with his new newsletter, entitled, as you can see, Machine Vision. Think of it. Weekly deliveries of the delicious dark sickness oozing forth from the WE mind, found contaminating your own private devices. Insidiously wonderful, I know.

I highly recommend you sign up for it right here.


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    Inbox: Warren Ellis | Ken Socrates

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