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Les Hypocrites

November 29, 2011

max pacioretty kris letang paciorrety

So where have all the 911 calls been concerning the Max Pacioretty hit on Kris Letang? Where are all the indignant outcries for justice ringing from North of the Border? Has the Crown been heard from yet? The investigation, surely, is under way.



This is, I assure you, the final bit of evidence anyone will ever need that Montreal Canadiens fans’ and the city itself are as fraudulent a bunch of total ninnies that has ever walked this planet. Most of us always knew this to be the case but now even the most neophyte observer, from a hockey perspective or any other, will be forced to agree.

Zdeno Chara was investigated for 9 months for a hockey hit that was far less purposely severe than what Pacioreety laid out on Kris Letang the other night. The NHL agrees, as witnessed by the 3-game suspension. Where is the outcry now from Les Habitants? Eh?

There is none.

Game over, Montreal.

You lose.


Life’s Too Short

November 19, 2011

warwick davis johnny depp life's too short

The second episode of Life’s Too Short, featuring a Johnny Depp appearance, is perhaps the single funniest episode of a half hour sitcom ever recorded.

What If Willy Wonka Was An Underground Gene Pervert

November 8, 2011

warren ellis

Only Warren Ellis could come up with a concept like that. Willy Wonka. Underground. Gene Pervert. It reads like excellent music.

Same folks who did the Grant Morrison film, Talking With Gods, are working on an Ellis doc called Captured Ghosts.

I never expected his voice to sound like that. Thought it would be rather gravelly and rough.

Label as “must see” cinema.

A Girl And Her Dog

November 6, 2011

Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Massachusetts, November 6th, 2011

Go Drown Your Empty Selves

November 1, 2011

An assortment of my favorite British Sea Power stuff in a recent playlist. Obviously, the rock steady section in the first half and the chill/bliss out segment near the end.

    1. Who’s In Control
    2. Carrion
    3. Waving Flags
    4. It Ended On An Oily Stage
    5. Remember Me
    6. Lights Out For Darker Skies
    7. No Lucifer
    8. Mongk II
    9. Down On The Ground
    10. A Forest
    11. Georgie Ray
    12. Childhood Memories
    13. Blackout
    14. Open The Door
    15. Everybody Must Be Saved
    16. No Need To Cry
    17. I Am A Cider Drinker
    18. Tugboat
    19. Green Grass Of Tunnel
    20. The Great Skua
    21. The South Sound
    22. The Pelican
    23. Out Of My Mind On Dope & Speed
    24. Heavy Water

The best active band currently on earth period.