The Gates of Geek Heaven


avengers movie

I’m starting to feel like we are fast approaching a sort of Geek Singularity right now. The Peak of Geekness lies before our very eyes, ready to blossom in it’s sci-fi/superhero/fantasy fullness. There are many signs that this is the case but allow me to list a few from my own Inner Geek’s Perspective.

These past few weeks are a great example for me. We have seen:

Trailers for Dark Knight Rises, John Carter (a.k.a. Warlord of Mars), and, today, The Avengers, have appeared online as, seemingly, all of the adored heroes of my childhood are coming to life. The Avengers was my favorite comic as a kid. Of Burroughs’ creations, John Carter was the one I adored the most, thanks not only to the magnificent adventures but those gorgeous Frazetta covers. Batman, as realized by Christopher Nolan, is another dream come true.

It’s amazing what we have seen in recent years, really. A faithful adaptation of Watchmen. Sin City. The Marvel films, most of which are wonderful fun, have the right spirit in them. Folks are finally respecting creators’ visions when they adapt material. Hell, there was even an attempt at another comics favorite of mine, Green Lantern, however middling it ended up. Another Superman is on the horizon, as well as Sin City 2 and a host of other fascinating projects.

I’ve always said that, if I could go back to 1977 and bring forward in time that little boy and show him what’s happening now he fucking die on the spot of some sort of astonished overload of shocked pleasure. Laid out on the floor with an ear to ear smile in front a 46″ HD TV showing the Iron Man Blu-ray, an iPad full of sci-books and comics in one hand and a PS3 controller in the other.

It goes on, to the fantastical realms. Game of Thrones has shown us just how adult and edgy great Fantasy can be. If you like it a bit sappier, the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions are now on Blu-ray and you won’t believe how fucking good they look, my friends. I have in hand the latest tome from George R.R. Martin, I should mention, as well. A Dance With Dragons clocks in at about 1000 pages and I can’t wait to devour it. Joe Abercrombie looks interesting and Richard Morgan owes us the sequel to Steel Remains.

In television, Doctor Who is going as strong as ever. In sci-filiterature, Iain Banks, Alastair Reynolds and Neal Asher continue producing the hard space opera of my dreams. In comics, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis are regularly taking superheroes where they have never gone before.

It’s a veritable bounty of Geek Goodness. I’m wallowing in Geek Gluttony.

It’s almost too much. Almost.

I can’t tell you how much I am going to enjoy it all. The truth is, I’ve never quite grown up. Those of you who know me know that I have no need for an “inner child” as the child remains very much on the surface with me. I Like to have a good time and my imagination, thankfully, has never died and festered like some folks my age. It burns still, open to new and different magic, like that wide eyed kid who stood in line for Star Wars in 1977 and had his world forever changed as his eyes were opened wide to strange new ones. Just like that kid devouring all those Marvel Comics in their four-color, newsprint splendour back then. Just like that kid reading Dune for the first time.

Here I sit, all these years later, still hungry for more.

Bring it on, I say.


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3 Responses to “The Gates of Geek Heaven”

  1. hotelnerd Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Hollywood still views a lot of Nerd culture as niche, but some are starting to catch on. If nothing else content creators are starting to understand that their audience isn’t stupid, and that they don’t have to dumb things down for us just because they’re on a screen and not on a page.

    The major TV networks still have a hard time with Sci-Fi and fantasy type TV shows, but the cable networks are starting to get it down. Their bar for success if so much lower that they can take a risk on projects that the major networks won’t touch with a 10 mile pole. And then channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz are able to bring us shows like Spartacus, Torchwood Miracle Day, Game of Thrones, and Camelot and it acknowledges that Sci-Fi and Fantasy aren’t just for kids, that many of us adults grew up on it and that we still enjoy it when it’s done well. And throwing some boobies into the mix certainly don’t hurt!

    Movies are another story. I still have mixed feelings about Thor and how they decided to interpret “magic” as advanced technology. I understand the principle behind their decision, but I don’t know if it was necessary or not. Why would advanced alien civilizations still fight with swords and hammers? Just call a spade a spade people. Some directors, writers, and producers really seem to get it, but some seem to think they still need to re-interpret their source material for their audience. And maybe with movies that’s kind of true, the bar for success on a major production is pretty high and the die hard fans aren’t enough to carry those projects, Serenity is a perfect example. All the same, I look forward to the day when content comes at us across many different channels even more so, and that real shows and movies with actual production values are able to be successful going direct to market across the internet. Kind of like how Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog did.

  2. wtfhappenedtomyreallife Says:

    I ❤ Dr. Horrible @hotelnerd! I am living in Geek Heaven! I agree with everything above! Come check out my page for some of my reviews on gaming and movie stuff. I am just getting started out but am really loving finding like minded people here!

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Thanks for the comments, folks!

    Network TV is certainly lagging behind and has the least to offer at this point. I know there were some decent shows in recent history, Fringe, Heroes, and, some might argue, Smallville and the like, but it still seems TV producers outside HBO and the other pay cable outlets you mention have a very short leash on Sci-Fi style dramas unless there are big name talent associated with the projects. They canned Wonder Woman before it could be seen. The Cape went down. So many others seem like a flash in the pan.

    There’s a host of decent animated stuff, though, that falls a bit lower on my radar as it seems aimed at younger audiences but it’s nice to see characters being given a chance here and there.

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