One Game


At some point I may try to crystalize into words exactly what this season, this playoffs, this amazing fucking series has been like for me but right now it’s just a glorious, spinning, dizzy swirl of wonderful. Right now I’m just a guy who can’t sleep because there is so much great hockey buzzing about inside his head that I’m just pacing the house in semi-darkness like a big caged bear. The thought of what is coming Wednesday night. The anticipation is maddening.

One Game To Rule Them All.

One Game To Win It.

Tonight I just feel like this kid.

I think we all do.


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3 Responses to “One Game”

  1. One Game « Hockey Gone Wild Says:

    […] One Game To Rule Them All. […]

  2. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    Fuck me, they did it Ken!! There were moments when I really thought they were going to fall apart again, but they did it! Congrats to your boys and your city Ken. It almost makes the restraining order seem worthwhile. Maybe I should petition for it to be dismissed while everyone’s in a good mood. Party hard Ken.

    Barbarian Hockey!!!

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Thanks, Ozzy. You understand the hardships we suffered on our way to this. Those long, agonizing years of frustration. I can tell you now it all seems worth it. It’s a glorious feeling, though a bit dreamlike. As if we’re wandering about in a fog wondering if it’s real.

    Or maybe that’s just the smoke from the burning cars in Vancouver.

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