Cerebus 3D


cerebus 3d

Here’s an ambitious project. I was surprised recently to find out, via twitter, that these boys were still in business and quite impressed by the sheer bloody-mindedness that is driving their production. The market for a 3D animated Cerebus film be utterly non-existent by the standards of even the smallest of independent films. No, this seems to be a genuine labour of love by one Oliver Simonsen, quite obviously as dedicated a Cerebus fan as might exist. I fully admit, after seeing their beginnings a while back, I doubted they would be able to sustain the effort but I was completely, and now quite happily, wrong as hell.

Those of you who know me, know of my own admiration of Dave Sim’s masterwork, itself a testiment to sheer bloody-mindedness. A 300 issue epic that took nearly three decades to produce, the entirety of it written by Sim and illustrated by he and his longtime artistic partner Gerhard, who produced some of the most amazingly detailed pen and ink backgrounds that the world of comics art has ever seen.

You have to admire Simonsen’s talent and effort, as witnessed in the teaser below.

Is that not a bit drool-worthy for an old school Cerebus fan? He’s got the expressions down. The voice of Elrod, the animation of Lord Julius. Obviously they remember Sim’s contention that Cerebus’ voice would sound like George C. Scott, as well. It’s just great fun to see that all come to life.

He’s come this far, so it’s likely he’ll see this through and I, for one, cannot wait to see the final results. Any of you interested, be sure to let Oliver know that his work is appreciated. Keep it up, sir.

More info here and here.

Also online these days is CerebusTV, a streaming broadcast about all things Aardvark, which lists Sim himself as an executive producer. New episodes, of which there are now 50 or so, are featured each Friday at 10 pm.


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