A Gaping Hole


Someone died recently. And while it was a person’s dead body they found there wasn’t really much of a person who had been living inside it recently. It was a frightened boy struggling within the beaten, broken body of a man so lost in the haze of drug life that death may very well be exactly the release he was seeking. If a cocoon of oblivion is the only thing keeping you from feeling the pain then what else is left, really?

Guilt. Regret. Watching a friend die before your eyes and not doing anything about it. When your memories become like weights, bearing you down, you’ll do almost anything to just forget for awhile. It’s easy to get lost.

As I said to a friend, Mike Starr wasn’t so much a person, in the end, than a gaping hole where a human life should have been.

And that’s pretty sad if you ask me.

Rest. In. Peace?



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