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Dignified Disintegration

March 23, 2011


A gentleman at bookmat describing Belong’s October Language album.

“The collaborative venture of Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones, Belong inhabit a sonic territory that seems perpetually out of sight – giving the same effulgent warmth as standing with your back to a sunset, or glimpsing a blizzard through a frosted window. Understanding that all beauty has an inherent element of decay, Belong resemble a colourful photo left out in the sun to fade – combining an operatic scope akin to Kevin Shields, with an eroded sensibility that flirts with Baskinski and shares a certain predilection with Fennesz or Gas. Constructed with an attention to detail that borders on the compulsive, Belong open with ‘I Never Lose. Never Really.’; wherein a camera-obscura approach slowly reveals a static fuzz of sprawling soundscapes and awe-inspiring intensity that shares its scope with Sigur Ros, whilst resorting to none of the orchestral bombast on which they rely. The fact that Dietrich has collaborated with Telefon Tel Aviv (whose Joshua Eustis guests on the title-track) also becomes apparent throughout ‘October Language’, not so much due to an overt similarity in sound, but more through the wide-screen production and starburst intensity in which they both revel. With the likes of ‘I’m Too Sleepy… Shall We Swim?’, ‘Who Told You This Room Exists’ and ‘The Door Opens The Other Way’ all possessing a corroded elegance that can be interpreted as either majestic or malignant, ‘October Language’ is a masterclass in dignified disintegration. Phenomenal.”

I’m going to have to listen to that one.

I think I prefer their Common Era album which, according to that same site, sounds as follows; “Skeletal songs and wordless vocals appear from the dense depths of blurred sound like Grouper playing Jesus and Mary Chain covers in lost cavern, a few miles of the coast. ”

Now who could resist something like that?

As an aside, the remix of Tropic of Cancer’s Be Brave by Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire) is thumpingly brilliant.


The Dull Age

March 9, 2011


Tropic of Cancer

A Gaping Hole

March 8, 2011

Someone died recently. And while it was a person’s dead body they found there wasn’t really much of a person who had been living inside it recently. It was a frightened boy struggling within the beaten, broken body of a man so lost in the haze of drug life that death may very well be exactly the release he was seeking. If a cocoon of oblivion is the only thing keeping you from feeling the pain then what else is left, really?

Guilt. Regret. Watching a friend die before your eyes and not doing anything about it. When your memories become like weights, bearing you down, you’ll do almost anything to just forget for awhile. It’s easy to get lost.

As I said to a friend, Mike Starr wasn’t so much a person, in the end, than a gaping hole where a human life should have been.

And that’s pretty sad if you ask me.

Rest. In. Peace?

Deaf Center

March 5, 2011

Acoustic doom, anyone? The soundtrack to the realization that we are all, in the end, completely fucked. Best listened to in a pitch black room at 3:45 a.m.

deaf center owl splinters
Deaf Center Owl Splinters
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You Are Here

March 4, 2011

You can sing it with me if you want to.