A Sad State


There was an astonishing point made on BBC News America this evening, even if the broadcaster wasn’t aware he was making it. When introducing the story of all the new exoplanets discovered by the astonishing-in-it’s own-right Kepler Telescope, he suggested that because the news was so troubling of late on planet Earth with all the meteorological and political whirlwinds threatening the well being of so many, that this was news that might cheer us up.

In other words. If you’re looking for good news these days?

Try looking at a different planet than this one.


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One Response to “A Sad State”

  1. Horatio Von Darkfaulker Says:

    Well, certainly this solar system is a bust: no earth-like planets. But even if we had found the perfect planetary haven for our species, what then? I mean, it’s great to know what was happening with this system 2000 years ago, (that’s about how long light from the location had to travel to reach us,) but how could we possibly get there even if we wanted to?
    I have an answer I am prepared to divulge: Warp Drive. How hard can it be? Hollywood has had it for years, and surely if those flakes can pull it off, then so can we. I’m thinking we need: strong Magnetic Fields, Nuclear Subatomic Reactions, Dilithium Crystals, Nachos, Multiple Vibrating Resonances, and a Highly Advanced Race of Extraterrestrials who will show us the ropes of Galactic Conquest, but who will not stop our complete galactic domination because they are sworn pacifists and are too morally evolved to trifle with our war-mongering bullshit.
    Or we could find a Star Gate. That would work too.
    My guess is there are many earth-like planets in our own galaxy, and intelligent life, too, but visiting them would be well-nigh impossible at our current level of technology and will likely remain so for many generations to come. On a brighter note, we still have Mars and the moon to colonize, and the full power of our star to learn how to harness.

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