Conversing With Gonz


burn motherfucker

Random chats may or may not include the following statements and/or questions.

Dirty fucking rotter
You dirty fucker.

i think i saw a retarded monkey kicking the shit out of a guy on the other corner when I walked the dog.
an actual monkey, like a small chimpanzee I think.

well, it was outside this shady bar. the guy had a beard and i think when he was showing the monkey to some of his pals and this chick the thing went fuckin’ spastic and started hitting the guy and fucking got his beer bottle out of his hand and almost brained him with it
a total free for all. just wacked the girl was screaming.

well, the people were fine it was the monkey
that fucker went apeshit

Always make my knees pointy.

…on a good day he’ll say, “at least they never connected me to that dead hooker in Houston…”


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5 Responses to “Conversing With Gonz”

  1. Conversating with Ken - The Bourbon Asylum Says:

    […] Ken Posted by gonz | Filed under nonsense | Jan 11, 2011 | Tags: gonz, Ken Socrates | No CommentsHe said, then I said. chewin’ george lucas’ […]

  2. Horatio Von Darkfaulker Says:

    I heard she had a mojo monkey in her sprocket that collars the nookie nut job I been hankering in the jelly-jar rassling rump I wrangle on the downtown dirty.
    bitch friggers! Ain’t a fuggin flang?
    Golly! Dangah da Bee Atch fluffa!!

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

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