Yuletide Slide


As I assemble a playlist for my annual Christmas Party I look at all the songs, old and new, that I find are twinkling my lights for the season.

Top of the list, as always, is the Pogue’s “Fairytale of New York” but a fast climber this year is Frightened Rabbit’s “It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop”. Has a similar flavor and the wistful, Scots appeal of so much of their work. Here’s a peek at what’s in heavy rotation for these particular Holidays.

    1. The Pogues “Fairytale of New York

    2. Frightened Rabbit “It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop”

    3. John Lennon “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”

    4. Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire “Santa Claus”

    5. The Love Language “White Christmas” (not the Bing Crosby song but an LL original)

    6. Galaxie 500 “Listen, The Snow Is Falling”

    7. The Damned “There Ain’t No Sanity Clause”

    8. Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

    9. Vince Guaraldi “Charlie Brown Christmas” (essentially the entire album)

    10. Cindytalk – The second disc of “In This World” – Hauntingly chilly piano pieces. Throw in “Snow Kiss” for another taste.

    11. The Kinks “Father Christmas”

    12. The Rosebuds “I Hear (Click Click Click)”


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