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Here’s To All The Dirty Girls

November 23, 2010

The Wilkinson boys are messing with us, I think.

    Living Is So Easy

The horse is pretty hypnotic, eh?


New Scientist Is Freaking Me Out Today

November 18, 2010

Antimatter Trapped.

Precognition A Reality.

Quantum Supersolids.

Immortal Jellyfish.

So I can look into the future to see an Earth where the human race has destroyed itself with Antimatter Bombs and the only living species left alive in the cold and ghostly Antimatter Ice Age is a species of frozen solid Jellyfish who’s rock hard bodies flow like liquids.

And you expect me to sleep tonight?

Anti-Social Netwerk

November 5, 2010

I seem to have lost touch with a number of people because I refuse to do f***book. There are a number of other people out there who will never be able to find me because I have never done f***book.

The latter is fine with me, of course. Those who know me know that I not interested in revisiting the distant past. Mostly I can’t even remember much of it.

Then there’s the DAC folk. Why the thing is fizzling out these days is a mystery but if it does indeed fade it’s going to be a sad day. Gonz, AJ, Em, OZ, Happo, Horatio. Fuckin’ Scratch. Good folk, all. Funny bastards.

Anyway. This is where you can find me on the net these days. Come visit. Say hello. Browse. Whatever ye like.

I’m around.