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Anyone Want To Take A Ride?

September 29, 2010

A new planet has been discovered that could possibly have conditions suitable for life.

So let’s go there. Now.

Let’s face it, Earth is pretty fucked right now, anyway. I, for one, wouldn’t mind a fresh start elsewhere.


Isolation Ward

September 26, 2010

Is that what the Compound has become these days. An Isolation Ward?

Or is that just the name of this 80’s band from Belgium that I’ve been listening to lately? They were very Joy Divisionesque and part of a scene called Belgian Cold Wave. Quality songs that have the distinct echo of that sort of cool darkness flowing around back then. Think early Cure, X-mal Deutschland and the like. Excellently nostalgic.

isolation ward point final
Isolation Ward Point Final

I’ve been going backwards in time a lot lately, music wise. Besides Ian Curtis’ voice constantly coming out of the speakers at me, I’ve got the dulcet tones of Michael Allen, in all his incarnations. One day it’s the bleached white dreadlocks of Standing Up Straight Era Wolfgang Press, the next it’s the hammering, relentless beat of Rema-Rema. Mass, even some Geniuser mixing in.

twp straight
The Wolfgang Press Standing Up Straight

The Birthday Party never gets old an neither does Clan of Xymox.

The Chameleons (UK) will always be with me wherever I go. Who had a better voice than Mark Burgess, really? Epic emotionality in that voice.

“Dancing ’round the fire with the rest of the freaks.”

chameleons strange
The Chameleons UK Strange Times

That whole album was pretty magnificent, wasn’t it? “Mad Jack”, “Swamp Thing”. Stirring stuff that so many have since attempted to emulate.

Barking Down From The Wrong Tree

September 24, 2010

Back in print. Nicely done trade paperback release from Hurdy Gurdy Publications.

ken socrates bark from the wrong tree

Collection featuring some of the better efforts from my early days in journalism, late seventies through the founding of the KSWNO in 1983. This version includes the recently discovered novella After Hours at the Abattoir.

Fuck Yeah (Part Two)

September 14, 2010

New Grinderman album.

Grinderman 2

Nick Cave and Co. here to claw your face off once again with some of the meanest, down and dirty, thrusting, hairy-ass garage blues/rock you’re likely to hear anywhere.

Just try and not to turn it up loud, strap on an evil grin and enjoy the shit out of this one, brother.

I dare you.


1. Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
2. Worm Tamer
3. Heathen Child
4. When My Baby Comes
5. What I Know
6. Evil
7. Kitchenette
8. Palaces Of Montezuma
9. Bellringer Blues