Election Day


It’s Election Day in Massachusetts as voters line up to pick the person fill the crucial Senate seat vacated by the passing of the Right Honorable Sen. Ted Kennedy. It’s been a heated contest, a close race and the results could have a critical impact on our country’s future should the seat change hands and provide Republicans with that key 41st vote in the Senate. Scott Brown is their hopeful, running a tight race against Democratic candidate Martha Coakley.

I just hate politics. Those of you who know me, know that. The whole process as it exists in this country, the personalities it draws to it and the way it makes them behave, just makes me physically ill. Which is why you never hear too much here on the subject.

That said, this is a big one.

My own political leanings are fairly irrelevant, by the way. I hope, in fact, that you’re not even interested in them. Those of you who are should know that I once took a “political quiz” and placed on a graph somewhere west of Gandhi and south of the Unabomber. What that means is anyone’s guess. I’ve thought of myself at times as an anarchist but the truth is I don’t really know where I fit. Ask me about a specific issue and I’ll tell you but chances are it’ll be a mixed bag. I’m a mutt.

That said.

I felt the need to spout off on something political today on this Election Day. Something related to the voting that directly affects to something I do love. Sports. So if you’re interested, check out the following, posted this afternoon at Hockey Gone Wild.

The Last Days of WEEI.

It’s a long one, I’ll warn you. And possibly of little interest to anyone unfamiliar with the subject matter but, for me, it’s one that I feel pretty strongly about. Make of it what you will.

Time to go vote. And I’m not telling you for whom, either.


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