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Abandoned City

October 21, 2009

So Gorman Moloko has gotten himself involved with this band who’s producing some interesting late night sci-fi tinted, post-new wave oddness/goodness.

They’re called Abandoned City. Their first official release will be an e.p. called Untethered on Dark Heart Records.

Give them a try if you’re a stuck-out-of-time renegade from the early Eighties like I am.


Dave’s Gone Wild

October 5, 2009

Tonight’s Late Show with David Letterman is Must Watch TV in the Ken Socrates Household.

An Aging Dave Letterman at the 2009 Emmy’s

I know, I know, you still don’t know who’s house it is I’m hiding out at. Sorry again for the subterfuge. You know what it’s like to be Living A Life on the Run. Most of you do, anyway.

Thing is, Dave’s in trouble. You know it. I know it.

He’s done some shameful shit and he’s hurt his wife. This is not good, my friends. I know what it’s like to be married, you know. I know what it’s like to fuck it up, too.

We need to be there for Dave tonight, my friends. We need to support our old pal.

Remember. Dave got us through the fucking eighties, man. He kept us sane/insane. He entertained our twisted little minds every single lonely, alienated night back then. I believe he is a good and decent man, really, I do.

The least we can do is hang in there with the guy.