The State of Socrates


Sometimes when I want a quick, easy summary of what I’ve been doing here lately, sort of where my thoughts have been wandering, etc., I look at what search engine terms have been bringing people to this website.

Recent phrases used to find me here:

    Crispin Glover Celebrates Christmas

    Farewell Spanish Lady (what else is new)

    Rosebuds “Fun Book”

    Dr Who WGBH Tom Baker

    Socrates Songs for Kids

    Barvarian Hockey

    Dirty Cocksucker

    Plus one term I’m not entirely comfortable reprinting here.

So it seems I’m right where I need to be, thematically. Right on target.

Gotta go now.

Gotta finish recording that kid’s singalong album I’ve been working on.


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One Response to “The State of Socrates”

  1. Joe Hawaii Says:

    I so wish to know what the uncomfortable term is. I bet it’s “Fetus Fetish”.

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