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Buy Me Some Peanuts

February 17, 2009

And Crack.

Which is what I must have been on when I wrote this.

It’s a bit outside the range of my normal fare, I do admit, but you have to remember that Ken Socrates was born a full-blooded member of Red Sox Nation, something that’s about as easily discarded for a native Bostonian as catholic guilt.

Remember, also, that the KSWNO is also based in Boston so we cannot avoid being surrounded by and caught up in the annual hype surrounding the favorite pastime of the area. We succumb to it as much as anyone, actually.

So, if you’re interested, please check it out. It’s a decent summary of where the team stands going into the 2009 Season and an excellent primer for someone thinking about joining The Nation and wanting to know a little bit more about the current team.

Enjoy it and maybe we’ll see you at Fenway Park this summer.


Proud Alumnus

February 15, 2009

Always The Sea

February 14, 2009

I’m still alive in here, folks. Just in case anyone is wondering. For those few faithful, remember.

No Lucifer.

And did you notice
when you began to disappear?

increment by increment

Until there’s nothing but.


Always the sea.

Brilliantine mortality.