The latest textual stylings of the KSWNO’s resident Arts and Entertainment Critic, Stamford Buckforth Pimplton, III is now available for public consumption over at the main site. As always, he is insightful, eloquent and erudite as he provides comprehensive coverage of the Midwest Arts Scene from it’s dynamic epicentre, Portsmouth, Ohio. Those who know Stamford would agree that his artistic tastes are highly refined and that his works command our attention and respect. They also tell us he posesses truly fabulous penmanship and a clean, fragrant scent, whatever that means.

In this particular article, he brings the scholarly back to the schools as he sizes up various offerings from the drama departments of several regional educational institutions and finds them wanting. Apparently not too many of these young, talent barren little scamps have a future career destined for Broadway but, hey, that’s why they invented meth, right?

Who says we don’t appreciate a little goddamned culture around here, eh?



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