Saturday Night’s Alright


For drinking.

It’s cold as a Wiccan mammary gland here tonight as temperatures dip into the arctic and a stillness descends upon The Compound. Not much to do but hunker down, build up the fire to skin blistering levels and fill up your glass with something to help the hours pass more comfortably. In this case, it’s a large tall glass of vodka and cranberry. Soon to be followed by another. And another. I’m a firm believer in the strength in numbers philosophy when it comes to enjoying a nice beverage. They just seem to work better in groups.

I have a rule that applies to Saturday nights, as well. No working. No talking about work, no thinking about work, no looking in the general direction of any object or person that might remotely remind you of the concept of work. There is a time and place for all that and Saturday night is not it. This is when you let the hair down a little bit and shake it loose. Maybe, if the mood is right, let the mad dogs out of their cages and see what they can scare up. Bad craziness is never out of the question.

Speaking of which, I am in close contact with comrade-in-arms and fellow conspirator Gonz O’Lager even as we speak. It seems we’re both in the same frame of mind at this point and, as many of you know, when we put our heads together, all manner of chaos is likely to ensue. He tells me his drink of choice for the evening is what he refers to as the G & T, and you can figure out what that might be. Depending on the quantities we consume and general whimsy, the fate of one or two small South American nations may very well be decided this very evening.

Stay tuned as the evening progresses and, if you live in Guyana, prepare for potential evacuation.

More later.


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5 Responses to “Saturday Night’s Alright”

  1. Gonz Says:

    Hey! I’m also blogging this incredible event over on the BA.

  2. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    Cranberry juice? Christ, you two are a couple of sissies. If you can’t do alcoholism right and just drink straight from the bottle, why even bother? You make me sick.

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Jesus, it’s a good thing we didn’t mention the peanuts and pretzels.

  4. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    Ah, cut Chippy some slack Ken. You know she gets a bit edgy when there hasn’t been any real hockey on for a few days. I’m partaking of some cold medicine tonight. Or, as some folks might call it, Scotch. You know I’m a single-malt kind of guy for the most part, but the recently received bottle of Johnnie Walker in a gift box has definitely opened my eyes to the pluses of blended whisky. I’ll still take my Glenlivet anytime, but this is a nice changeup.

  5. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    Stupid All Fag Game.

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