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Well, it’s good to know that things over at the Ken Socrates World News Organization are moving along at the usual brisk pace thanks to our feisty gang of hard-working and sadly underpaid contributors. In all honesty, if it weren’t for their input, the KSWNO would likely have failed long ago. It’s simply impossible to do this alone, folks, no matter how much amphetamines one consumes.

So it is with sincere (but not monetary) gratitude that I present the latest from two of our regulars.

First, from le Femme du Flyer, Chippy McGuinness, a righteous rant concerning one of the greatest bumbling fuck-ups the modern leadership of the NHL has ever committed in their attempts to completely castrate the sport we all love so much, the implementation of the Instigator Rule. Read a little something she’s entitled Civilized Insanity and you’ll understand the issue a whole lot better. Plus, you’ll have an undeniable urge to knock someone’s teeth out of their mouth onto some ice. Preferrably, Claude Lemieux’s.

Next, it’s the Return of Mr. Manners, as a one Dwight Cooter comes back to the fold from an extended, but not voluntary, absence to present his latest rambling effort, undoubtedly painstakingly typed with one finger (don’t even ask what he’s doing with the other). He’s forgoing his usual brand of mouth-breathing advice to reveal to us his plans to keep himself out of trouble. Hint: you can help but it’s going to cost you.

Check those out and keep your eyes open for more soon. The post office tells me I’ve got registered mail down there from our man Stamford Buckforth Pimplton III so it looks like we’ll be raising the bar a bit here shortly.

Until then, let’s just settle for raising a glass or two, eh? Cheers.


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2 Responses to “KSWNO Updates”

  1. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    I hear that all of Claude Lemieux’s teeth are actually strung in a necklace worn by Darren McCarty.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    Cam Neely won’t be happy ’til he has his head mounted and hung on the wall of his hunting lodge.

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