The Sappy Side of Ken


Beware: The following video is the most touching thing I’ve ever seen from the animal kingdom, including the time Roy Horn’s white tiger finally turned on him and said, “Enough of this shit, motherfucker.”

Check it out.

If you can watch that all the way through (and ignore the ridiculous, unnecessary backround music) and not get choked up then you’ve likely never owned a pet with any higher sentience level than a painted rock.

I know what you’re thinking. “Ken is going totally soft on us. Someone bust that bitch out of that bunker before he starts blogging about new needlepoint techniques.”

Not so. Anyone who knows me knows what an animal lover I am and always have been. In my youth I never went anywhere without one trusty dog or another at my side and, to this day, I count those canine allies amongst the greatest friends I have ever known. True, my globetrotting lifestyle as a working adult leaves little time to devote to the proper care and training that owning pets requires but now that I’m a bit more stationary I am considering adopting another mutt, perhaps a labrador, we’ll see.

In the meantime, there are a coupel of mentally disturbed cats that live here at The Compound who, when the mood strikes them or you’re cracking a can of tuna, are partially friendly. Otherwise, they’re likely off hunting stray field mice or walking through walls and what not. Who knows, really.

First person to guess their names wins a signed hardcover copy of that out of print collection of essays and articles of mine we published back in 1994, More Bark From The Wrong Tree.

Good luck.


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6 Responses to “The Sappy Side of Ken”

  1. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    Ken, you’re a candyass.

  2. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    You are just now realizing this, Ozzy? Like the Jane Austen Society membership and weekly manicures didn’t give it away before?

  3. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    No Chippy, I’ve known the truth about Ken for many years. I just like to remind him of the truth now and then.

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    Y’know, a lot of really tough guys have a soft side when it comes to the little furry creatures of the world. Clark Gilles spent years during and after his career running a no-kill kitty shelter. Lee Marvin was a giant in the mistreated lemur rescue community. Ken Shamrock is a councillor for abused gerbils. Mohammed Ali is utterly surrounded by chinchillas (though that’s a whole other story).

  5. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    Ken – it’s a little-known fact that that is the exact reason why Dave Schultz kicked Gillies’ ass during Game 5 of the ’75 Stanley Cup Finals.

  6. Robbie Tynes Says:

    Fogarty Fegan,not Regan. I typed it right the first time,….blithering autospeller!

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